Calming Products Are Not Just For Fireworks!

Wednesday 17th October 2018

Calming Products Are Not Just For Fireworks!
It's not just fireworks that calming products are useful for over the coming months........

Calming Products can help pets with anxiety issues over the coming months and not just when there are fireworks.

Doorbells ringing and knocking at the door on Halloween, not to mention scary decorations and noisy parties, might make some animals anxious.

At Christmas the comings and goings of different people, the bright paper, unfamiliar layout of houses as trees & decorations appear could make pets more nervous than usual.

Some pets may even be left alone over the holiday period and this too might cause them to be anxious.

Pets might be taken to visit relatives in the car and the journey could all for calming products.

Stock up with a selection of products for your customers to choose from.

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There is a selection of calming products on offer in October*, including the new product from Beaphar - CatComfort®. Click on the pdf below to see the October offers.*

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To find out more information about Beaphar - CatComfort®, click here.

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