Easy Ordering

Bestpets Delivered customers can place orders online using our exclusive ordering system. Cash & Carry customers are able to view products and build an order online. This can then be used as a shopping list in depot.

Ordering online is simple – simply put together your order and submit. Images, product descriptions and full pricing information is available online.

The Bestpets online ordering system puts you in full control and provides you with a true-real-time view of inside our depot, to allow you to make informed decisions and to track your orders in real-time.

Features include:

  • Real-time stock availability – as you browse our product range you will immediately see how much stock we have of that item in your home depot.
  • Intelligent substitutions – if there is a risk we might not have sufficient stock for you, we'll tell you and give you some recommended alternatives that are in stock and that are derived based on your previous orders, other customers' orders and our recommendation.
  • Create multiple lists of products – that you can build for favourite items or items that you want to order together.
  • Actual invoice value with your specific pricing and multi-buys - so you can see exactly how much each order will cost before you submit it.
  • Real-time order tracking – as we pick-it, you'll see exactly what we have picked so there will be no surprises for you. You'll also see when it has left our depot.
  • Full visibility of your previous orders – that you can refer to or use to copy for repeat orders.
  • Hover-help - If you are not sure of what a button does, just hover over it without clicking it and some explanatory information will appear.
  • Search Facility - type in the description of the product you are looking for, this will return a list of items containing the text you have searched.

You can take advantage of our late picking system which allows you to make the main bulk of your delivery order by 12pm and still make any last minute amends up to 2pm* whilst guaranteeing your products are delivered the next day (providing your scheduled delivery day is the following day.)

We endeavour to meet our customers' needs. Should you require a product which you cannot see in stock we will do our utmost to order this in for you. Simply contact your local Bestpets depot for assistance.

If you’re a Cash & Carry customer and you’d like to change your account to a Delivered account, contact your local depot.

*Excludes Bestpets Luton & Bestpets Newcastle. Cut off is 12pm with no amends/additions possible.

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