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AATU Cat 85/15 Salmon & Herring

AATU Cat 85/15 Salmon & Herring

RSP: £5.29

Size/Pack Size: 200g

AATU Cat Salmon & Herring is the first single protein, 85/15 diet to containing 40% dried Herring and 45% freshly prepared preservative Free Salmon. AATU for Cats is a bespoke and unique 85/15 diet specially made for your obligate carnivore. AATU Cat is so highly concentrated we have to use 3kg of ingredients to make 1kg of finished product. It is also the first Cat product from Pet Food UK to include their unique ‘SUPER-8’ a bespoke combination of 8 vegetables, 8 fruits, 8 herbs and 8 botanicals & spices. At Pet Food UK we are very proud of all our products and now AATU Cat brings us a fabulous opportunity to bring a naturally unique and evolutionary appropriate food for your Cat.

• Single protein 85/15 Ancestral diet for cats
• Made using 3 kg of ingredients for every 1 kg of finished product
• Super 8 - A bespoke combination of 8 Vegetables, 8 Fruits, 8 Herbs, 8 Spices & Botanicals
• Made in Britain using only the finest ingredients
• Grain, White potato, and Gluten Free – Hypoallergenic