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                          Dirty Talk Shampoo                           Poof! Deodorising Spray
                          BEST FOR: Dogs that like rolling in smelly stuff! This   BEST FOR: Dog odour emergencies! This quick and
                          powerful yet gentle formula neutralises odours & does   easy spray, neutralises and eliminates odours on
                          not just cover them up.                      contact. Keep a bottle in the car for dealing with
                                                                       that dreaded, smelly, roll-on experience.
                          KEY INGREDIENTS: Baking soda & ordenone deodorise
                          coat. Vegetable proteins, build coat elasticity making it   SCENT: Yummy Orange      SIZE: 450ml
                          shiny & full.                                Code: 662154
                          SCENT: Yummy Orange     SIZE: 475ml
                          Code: 662077

                                        PEre       SPEED CLEAN

                          Dry Clean                                    Paw and Body Wipes
                          BEST FOR: Road trips or a quick freshen up                  BEST FOR: Cleaning paws after walks, these wipes can
                          between baths.                               also freshen up doggy faces & give them a quick wipe as
                          KEY INGREDIENTS: Infused with blueberry fragrance.
                                                                       CONTENT: 50 hypoallergenic wipes per pack
                          SCENT: Blueberry Muffin    SIZE: 450ml
                          Code: 662165                                 SCENT: Orangelicious
                                                                       Code: 969695

                                            Dirty Talk, Oatmeal, Life’s An Itch Gallons

                                            BEST FOR: Specifically designed for professional groomers, these larger than life bottles
                                            provide the perfect solution. The super concentrated formula, can be diluted 16:1, which
                                            means that each bottle will make over 60l when diluted. It has a higher viscosity, than our
                                            standard product so a little goes a long way. It’s also compatible with pet bathing systems
                                            and leaves your salon smelling fresh and fabulous!
                                            Dirty Talk       Oatmeal Shampoo  Life’s An Itch Shampoo
                                            SCENT: Yummy Orange  SCENT: Oatmeal  SCENT: Watermelon
                                            SIZE: 3.79L      SIZE: 3.79L      SIZE: 3.79L
                                            Code: 290446     Code: 290481     Code: 290457
                                                  PERFECT PAWS

                                            Oatmeal Paw Butter

                                            BEST FOR: Relief for dry, cracked paws from hot or cold weather. Gently massage into paws
                                            before and after walks.
                                            KEY INGREDIENTS: Shea butter, oatmeal, mango, vitamins E/F, jojoba, coconut oil & aloe vera.
                                            SCENT: Oatmeal      SIZE: 60ml
                                            Code: 332866

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