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We searched, we scrubbed, we sniffed, to create
                    a new breed of grooming products that are ethically
                    sourced and luxuriously kind to hounds and humans.

           So, whether you’ve got a sensitive soul, a scratchy customer or a mischievous
            mud-lover in need of a good, deep clean, we appreciate breeds have needs.
                  Because every dog deserves to look, feel and smell great, naturally!

                                For ours. For yours. For All DogKind.

            Our SOOTHING blend   Our CLEANSING       Our REFRESHING      Our NOURISHING       Our CALMING mix
            of organic lavender,   blend of organic aloe   combination of   blend of organic   of organic aloe vera,
            oat extract and     vera, rosemary and   eucalyptus, bergamot   aloe vera, grapefruit   starflower and evening
            patchouli oil gently   eucalyptus essential   and peppermint oil   and mandarin oil   primrose extracts
            cleanses, conditions   oils deeply cleanses   masks unwanted   quickly cleanses and   gently cleanses and
            and hydrates all dry,   and protects all skin   odours, anytime,   moisturises all skin   hydrates sensitive or
            flaky skin types.    and coat types.      anywhere!           and coat types.      puppies’ skin.
                Relieves irritations    Neutralises odours    Quickly freshens    Boosts shine    Reinforces defences
          281130 DK ITCHY SKIN 250ML  281141 DK DIRTY COAT 250ML  377245 SCENT SPRAY 150ML  281152 DK EV/DAY 2IN1 250ML  281163 DK SENSITIVE 250ML
           281174 DK ITCHY SKIN 5LTR  281185 DK DIRTY COAT 5LTR         281196 DK EV/DAY 2IN1 5LTR  281206 DK SENSITIVE 5LTR
                      All our products are Made in the UK, are 97% natural, contain a natural flea deterrent
                       and are free from any chemicals including sulphates, parabens and petrochemicals.

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