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Fresh, fruity fragrances for a perfectly pampered pet
                   It’s not just the fresh and fruity fragrances that make PET HEAD fabulous. Our products are packed with natural
                  ingredients that nourish your pets fur leaving it soft, shiny and strong. All Pet Head formulas are manufactured in
                            the USA to human quality, not tested on animals and are pH balanced for cats and dogs.
                                               PUPPY + SENSITIVE

                          Puppy Fun! Shampoo                           Life's An Itch Shampoo

                          BEST FOR: Puppies! This hypoallergenic, super gentle   BEST FOR: Relief of skin irritations. Helps soothe and
                          tearless shampoo makes bath time fun!        mosturise sensitve or dry skin.
                          KEY INGREDIENTS: Shea butter & safflower oils nourish   KEY INGREDIENTS: Oatmeal & aloe vera soothe
                          skin, while maintaining coat elasticity.                   skin; tea tree oil purifies hair follicles; wheat protein,
                          SCENT: Yummy Orange     SIZE: 475ml          vitamins & chamomile nourish coat.
                          Code: 662143                                 SCENT: Watermelon     SIZE: 475ml
                                                                       Code: 662132
                          Feeling Flaky Shampoo                        Oatmeal Shampoo

                          BEST FOR: Dry & sensitive skin. This quenching formula   BEST FOR: Dogs with sensitive skin. This natural shampoo
                          helps relieve dry, irritated skin and restores the coats   delivers protection, condition & comfort.
                          natural lustre.
                                                                       KEY INGREDIENTS: Oatmeal, aloe vera, vitamins C/E &
                          KEY INGREDIENTS: Yucca, silk proteins & chamomile   jojoba oil combine to moisturise skin and coat.
                          work together to soothe, nourish & condition coat.
                                                                       SCENT: Oatmeal     SIZE: 355ml
                          SCENT: Strawberry Yoghurt     SIZE: 475ml    Code: 332855
                          Code: 782195
                                               SHINE + CONDITION

                          White Party Shampoo                          High Maintenance Conditioner

                          BEST FOR: Brightening shampoo for improving coat   BEST FOR: Pampering! This leave-in conditioner
                          shine and condition.                         provides instant shine and vitality while leaving no
                                                                       residue to weigh down coats.
                          KEY INGREDIENTS: Argan oils rehydrate, nourish
                          & strengthen hair. Natural citric acids & vitamin B3   KEY INGREDIENTS: Lavender & flower oils calm & heal
                          enhance coat health.                         skin. Provitamin B5 coats the hair and smooths its
                                                                       surface, making coats shiny.
                          SCENT: Orangelicious       SIZE: 354ml
                          Code: 13717                                  SCENT: Strawberry Yoghurt      SIZE: 250ml
                                                                       Code: 969727
                          Dogs BFF DeTangling Spray                    Furtastic Rinse

                          BEST FOR: Long & curly coated dogs. Just spray on for   BEST FOR: Curly & long coats. This deep conditioning
                          tangle free, smooth and shiny fur!           creme rinse delivers a tangle-free, soft, silky coat.
                          KEY INGREDIENTS: Essential fatty acids, sunflower   KEY INGREDIENTS: Oat proteins strengthen & nourish
                          seed oil, wheat protein & vitamin E effectively detangle   the coat. Calendula restores coat vitality whilst
                          knots and condition coat.                    soothing skin.
                          SCENT: Strawberry Yoghurt      SIZE: 450ml   SCENT: Blueberry Muffin      SIZE: 475ml
                          Code: 969738                                 Code: 662088

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