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Beaphar Spray Away

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RSP: £7.99

Size/Pack Size: 500ml

Beaphar Spray Away is a revolutionary product, using the latest probiotic technology to combat odours and stains around your home and on soft furnishings caused by pets, including urine, faeces, blood and vomit, and most organic materials. The spray provides a biological action, using friendly-microbes which are harmless to pets and people. The probiotic technology works by digesting organic waste and stains, leaving carpets, soft furnishings and pet bedding clean and smelling fresh. It leaves a residual layer to help protect your carpet against future spills, which has a positive effect on the microbiome of the environment.

Beaphar Spray Away is great for families too, as it is effective on many common household stains, such as those caused by food and drink.