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Be:Fresh - Home & Kennel Spray

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RSP: £14.99

Size/Pack Size: 200ml

Comforting & Cleaning

Our natural prebiotic spray will prolong a healthy, clean environment for you and your pet. This versatile product eliminates odours, cleans, kills germs, and contains active ingredients that get to work again if re-soiling occurs.

Directions – Spray liberally onto pet bedding, surfaces & surrounding areas (including directly onto textiles). Rub off if using to cleanse. Regular use creates a positive micro-climate in the house where mites and other allergenic agents cannot survive.

Ingredients – Microorganisms and cultures that decompose fat and cellulose, water, < 5% non-ionic surfactant (alcohol), lemon essence, citric acid, molasses, natural essential oils, limonene.


Always tested on humans.Let them Be:Loved.