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Pest Stop Bed Bug Blitz Kit

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RSP: £22.99

Size/Pack Size: sgl

The kit contains:

Helps with both protection and prevention against bed bugs

The product is packaged in a gloss finished box that can stand up alone when on a retail shelf

The bed bug blitz kit is the ultimate tool to provide instant protection for your home and treating the source of the problem, giving you complete piece of mind.

Each spray contains 300ml

Is a water based insecticide with the active ingredient of cypermethrin

No solvent smell

Can be used on both soft and hard furnishings

Spray action which includes an on and off nozzle function

Pull back label for clear instructions on usage

Each fumer contains 11g

Active ingredient is permethrin

Provides a rapid flushout and instant kill

Can treat up to a surface area of 400m³

Ideal for use when spraying access is difficult or limited

Non sparking method

Also used by professionals

Each tub contains 100g

Natural solution based on the active ingredient pyrethrins

Single pierced hole for precise application

Can be used both indoors and outdoors