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Poultry Health

Poultry Zest

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RSP: £6.10

Size/Pack Size: 500g

From the manufacturer:

-Poultry Zest is specially recommended for improving all round condition and performance.
-Poultry Zest acts as a nutritional supplement that helps your birds to recover quickly after moulting.
-Invaluable for rearing poultry, ducks, geese, turkeys, game birds and pigeons.
-Poultry Zest is a natural formulation of spices and minerals enriched with Tumeric, Ginger Root, Fenugreek and Aniseed, with added Sunflower Oil on a Micronised Ground Wheat.
-Poultry Zest has the added convenience of being pelleted for convenient use. Each pack contains a measuring scoop.
-Like Verm-X, you can continue to eat the eggs whilst feeding Poultry Zest.