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Interpet Nano Heater

Interpet Nano Heater

RSP: £15.49

Size/Pack Size: 7.5w

This unique, new to market, revolutionary, flat format heater has been designed, developed and is brought to you from the market leading aquatics supplier, Interpet.

It is specifically designed for small aquariums to ensure a constant heat output to avoid heat fluctuations within the tank which can stress or even kill some fish. It is made from highly durable materials, and available in 7.5 and 15 watt (12 - 20 litre tank capabilities). It is designed to increase water temperatures by approximately 6 degrees above the ambient room temperature, meaning it is ideal for maintaining tropical fish and plants in a small aquarium.

We also include a free thermometer so you can keep an eye on your water temperature should you wish, so why buy from another manufacturer, when you can buy Interpet with confidence.