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Cat Litter Paper

Breeder Celect Recycled Paper Pellet Cat Litter 30 Litre

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RSP: £16.99

Size/Pack Size: 30ltr

• No.1 selling sustainable cat litter brand in UK
• Natural odour control
• No additives, chemicals or nasties
• High absorbency with outstanding performance
• Suitable for kittens and all cat breeds
• Biodegradable and Compostable
• Economical and long lasting
• Lightweight and easy to handle, carry and use
• Virtually dust-free
• Reduce tracking and will not mark floors
• Easy-Pour spout to make filling your tray easy and convenient
• The handles on the packs make them easy to lift, carry and use
• Made in the UK

The best choice for you, your pet and the environment.

All natural 100% biodegradable cat litter.