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Cat Litter Clay Clumping

Ever Clean Litter Free Paw Clump

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RSP: £16.49

Size/Pack Size: 10kg

Help your kitten or cat leave litter where it belongs, thanks to Ever Clean Litterfree Paws’ 99.9% dust-free formula and larger granules that keep paws up to 3x cleaner.*

Up to 3x cleaner paws* with larger clumping clay granules that make Litterfree Paws our best cat litter for kittens and cats.
Breathe easy** with a 99.9% dust free formula that reduces dust in your home, providing a clean and fresh environment for you and your cat when in use.
Our unique activated carbon technology traps and locks in odours thereby eliminating malodour instead of just masking it.
Super absorbent cat litter with paw-activated fragrance technology that releases a fresh, light scent every time the litter tray is in use.