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Beaphar Mynah Granules

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RSP: £7.25

Size/Pack Size: 1kg

Beaphar Mynah Granules are an extremely palatable, complete, premium food which has been specially formulated for mynah birds and other large insect-eating birds. The granules are pea sized to ensure these birds can pick them up and ingest the food with ease.

Beaphar Mynah Granules use an extruded all-in-one formulation to ensure each food granule contains the same composition, so preventing selective feeding. This means no food is wasted, everything is eaten and it helps to reduce watery droppings. Beaphar Mynah Granules provide a balanced ratio of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, and are perfectly adapted to meet your mynah or other insect-eating bird's nutritional requirements.