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Comfey Meadow Hay Briefcase

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Comfey Pet Meadow Hay comes from old meadows rich in herbs and wild flowers and is a natural and hygienic bedding and feed product for rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, gerbils, guinea pigs and other small animals.

MEADOW FRESH: Comfey Pet Meadow Hay has a pleasant natural fresh meadow odour which helps keep unpleasant smells at bay.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Comfey Pet Meadow Hay is sourced from farms where NO chemicals are used to enncourage rapid growth. It is also fully bio-degradable

PACKAGING: Approximately 4kg of Meadow hay compressed in a 440mm x 390mm x 190mm poly wrapped bale with carry handle (about the size of a briefcase - hence its description - B/case)