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Bird Seed

Bestpets 50/50 Budgie

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RSP: £28.99

Size/Pack Size: 20kg

A complementary feed for budgerigars. With yellow millet and canary seed a simple selection of high quality seed complements diets of budgerigars. This simple mix is a good source of energy from complex carbohydrates and protein.


Yellow Millet, Canary Seed.

Feeding and Care Guide

  • Fresh food should be available daily.
  • Clean drinking water should be made available at all times and changed at least twice daily.
  • Never place food or water directly under the perch as this can lead to contamination.
  • Remove any wet or old food as soon as possible to avoid the build up of bacteria, moulds or toxins.
  • Ensure feeding stations are regularly cleaned with warm water and ideally use a safe disinfectant.
  • Wear gloves and wash your hands after handling products.
  • Not for human consumption.
  • May contain nuts.
  • Diet should be supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables.