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Established in 2013, Nutriment has revolutionised the world of raw feeding by being the first brand to introduce superfoods to already existing raw feeding models. With complete dedication to Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) and a commitment to animal health and happiness, the team at Nutriment are unreservedly passionate about bringing raw feeding solutions to dogs and cats. Nutriment's fundamental principle is absolute quality.

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Dog Adult - Core Range
Nutriment’s Core Range is a complete, enhanced raw formula, created to meet all the nutritional requirements of dogs. Made entirely from fresh meat, vegetables and valuable superfoods, it offers a highly digestible, flavourful and energy dense food, full of essential amino acids, vitamins and dietary macronutrients.

Dog Adult - Core Range - Chubbs
The Core Range is also available in 1.4kg Chubbs for those households with larger breeds or multiple dogs.

Dog Adult - Dinner for Dogs Range
The Dinner for Dogs Range allows the smaller or less-active pet to enjoy the nutritional benefits of the brilliant raw food products. Formulated for even the fussiest of palates, using the same human-grade quality ingredients and packaged into handy single-serve trays, Dinner for Dogs provides the perfect complete diet for your customers little best friends!

Dog Adult - Just Range
The complementary Just Range is for those owners who enjoy making their dog’s raw meals. Each pack contains a single component of a raw diet, to allow dog owners to tailor their dog’s diet by selecting the suitable building blocks, for example if a dog has any allergy, intolerance or digestive issues. Like all Nutriment products, the Just range consists of only the best human grade ingredients.

Dog Adult - Support Range
Nutriment's newest range, Support, consists of five raw food products for dogs.  Low in fat and highly digestible, these recipes are specifically designed to provide nutritional support for ongoing health concerns more prevalent to today's dogs. Each meal is manufactured by hand with care, attention to detail and animal health and happiness in mind. The Nutriment Support range uses a brand-new set of superfoods and are suitable for dogs with optimum health too.

Puppy & Senior Dog
Nutriment's Puppy formula, created with high-quality ingredients, means each portion is packed with essential nutrition and great tasting flavour.  Nutriment’s raw Senior dog food is specifically designed to support older dogs and promote optimal health and wellbeing. As with all Nutriment food, both ranges are formulated by in-house nutritionists.

Dog Adult - Laverstoke Park Farm Organic
Innovatively supporting the evolution of raw feeding, Nutriment’s Laverstoke Park Farm raw dog food range delivers a unique and organic 80/10/10 (meat/bone/offal) formulation. It is crafted in-house under stringent quality control standards with high-quality, human grade and certified organic ingredients. Highly digestible, packed with flavour and extremely nutrient dense, Laverstoke Park Farm raw, organic dog food is the most premium and ultimate choice in canine nutrition.

Dog Adult - Frozen Bones
Raw frozen bones are the perfect supplement to a healthy and balanced BARF diet for dogs. Every raw bone in the Nutriment range provides a variety of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals whilst enriching the feeding experience at treat time. Raw meaty bones and chews also contribute to optimal oral health and release endorphins when chewed, contributing to great mental and emotional health.

Dog Adult - Whole Fish
Fish is an important part of any complete raw diet for dogs, high in essential nutrients such as Omega 3 & Omega 6 fats and healthy protein. Nutriment’s in-house canine nutritionists are passionate about the benefits of fish in canine diets. Nutriment’s uncompromising approach to animal nutrition means that their whole fish for dogs are simply fresh-frozen meaning maximum nutrients and health benefits, with no artificial ingredients or harmful processing methods.

Cat Adult - Core Range - Formula
Nutriment’s award-winning raw core cat food range is revolutionary in the feline raw feeding sector. Specially formulated to promote health and wellbeing in all ages and sizes of cat. Nutriment’s core raw cat food contains high-quality, biologically appropriate ingredients which are flavourful, energy dense and easily digestible. The range contains nothing but the very best freshest meat, bone, offal and superfoods.

Cat Adult - Dinner for Cats Range
Nutriment’s innovative ‘Dinner for Cats’ range of complete, raw cat food is an enhanced raw formula, specifically created to support the dietary and nutritional requirements of all sizes and ages of cat.
Packed in handy 175g single serve trays and featuring 100% human-grade quality raw meat and nutrient-dense superfoods, Nutriment's highly digestible Dinner for Cats range is flavourful, energy-appropriate and packed with protein, essential amino acids, vitamins and dietary macronutrients.

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