Bestpets Cash and Carry Service Just Gets Better

Monday 26th January 2009

Bestpets Cash and Carry Service Just Gets Better
Bestway Cash and Carry group has launched a new state of the art direct way of ordering for its Bestpets brand. Independent pet food retailers can now order at the click of a button via an exclusive, purpose designed CD ROM catalogue.

This extends the choice of ordering between telesales, ordering from the website or the new CD ROM service.

The CD ROM displays full colour product images and full editorial information on all products stocked as part of the range of pet food products available. In addition it gives the retailer the cost, the RRP (recommended retail price) and the suggested margin. There is a further screen that shows the RRP and the image only, so the retailer can show this to the customer. Easy to follow instructions and a "help" section are included on the CD ROM.

Ordering has been made a lot easier for the retailer. As and when the retailer requires to restock, he or she can be build their ‘shopping list’ on the system over a number of days and then transmit the final order electronically directly to the depot. The order will then be delivered on the retailer’s agreed order day, from the nearest of the 9 Bestpets depots around the country.

Martin Race, operations director of Batleys, part of the Bestway Group, said at the launch, “we have been working on this idea for some months now, and from the retailers who have used it so far, we have had nothing but top marks. It is a further endorsement of the energy and development we are putting behind the whole pet food offer of the Bestway group in, what after all, is a big value business in something like a £4bn industry.”

The CD ROM will be produced on a quarterly basis (January, April, July and October). Costs are £10 per quarter for payment by Direct Debit or £15 for any other payment form. The first edition is free of charge.

Retailers wishing to enroll for the CD-ROM can do so online by emailing