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Natures Menu - real and natural pet food inspired by pets true nature. Choose real and natural pet food that helps to nourish the relationship between your customer and their pets whilst fuelling their pets adventurous spirit.

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Complete Dinners
Natures Menu complete and balanced raw meals are made with quality meat or fish, blended fruits and vegetables to ensure a pet’s bowl is packed with nutritional goodness. Comes in single serve portions that are great for those short on storage.

Raw Freeflow Mince
Help your customers to take control of their dog’s diet with Natures Menu raw freeflow mince. Made with quality human-grade cuts of meat or fish and free flowing to allow for portion control. Designed to be mixed at home with Natures Menu Raw Vegetable Nuggets, to make a complete meal.

Raw Mince
Made with only human-grade cuts of meat or fish so your customers  know exactly what they are feeding their dog. Designed to be mixed at home with Natures Menu Raw Vegetable Nuggets, to make a complete meal

Natures Menu Complete Raw Nuggets
These easy to serve nuggets use the finest cuts of meat or fish. Naturally blended with wholesome fruits and vegetables to create complete and nutritionally balanced meals, full of nutrients. Just pour, thaw & serve!

Natures Menu Raw Vegetable Nuggets
Raw Vegetable Nuggets are a natural blend of fruits and vegetables making the perfect complement to the Natures Menu raw mince range for home prepared meals.

Country Hunter Superfood Nuggets
The ultimate choice in real and natural pet food, Country Hunter offers only the very best for your customer's dog. Seriously meaty and grain free, made with 80% meat, high quality fruit & veg, blended with superfoods and essential vitamins & minerals to provide a complete and balanced meal that dogs will love.

Natural Raw Treats
Bones and chews are a fantastic source of natural nutrients and are great for oral health too!

Natural Raw Chunks
Deliciously meaty chunks full of natural nutrients that are perfect for dogs starting on raw. Made from tender cuts of selected meat, these can be fed as a treat or as part of a mixed raw meal.

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