Our Commitment to You - Coronavirus Update

Update 22nd May

Working Safely

The Government, in consultation with industry, has issued new guidance to help businesses in the UK get back up and running and workplaces operating as safely as possible.

The guidance clarifies the types of businesses that can operate and how they can run the business safely during coronavirus pandemic.

It is broken down according to type of workplace rather than sector, as many businesses operate more than one type of workplace, such as an office, factory and fleet of vehicles. And with eight sets of guidelines in total, it is important that businesses understand that they may need to look at several publications according to their circumstances.

It sets out practical steps for businesses focused on five key points:

  • Work from home if you can
  • Carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment in consultation with workers or trade unions
  • Maintain 2 meters social distancing wherever possible
  • Where people cannot be 2 meters apart, manage transmission risk
  • Reinforcing cleaning processes

This new guidance also includes downloadable assets for use on print and digital channels. You can use these A4 print outs to display in common areas to confirm that you have complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19.

For more information on how to make the workplace Covid19 secure, please visit www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19.

Additional support

At these uncertain times Bestway Wholesale is also available for support and guidance, our customer contact centre is available from 8:00 am – 5.00 pm, Monday – Friday on 01738 646666.

You can also find information and support on the following organisations:

Government Support

  • Please click here to access the various support initiatives from the UK Government
  • Retail, hospitality, and leisure businesses in England, irrespective of their rateable value do not need to pay business rates for the 2020 to 2021 tax year. Click here to find out more
  • Retail, leisure and hospitality businesses which have a rateable value between £15,000 to £51,000 will receive a one-off cash grant of up to £25,000. Click here to find out more
  • Please click here to access the support initiatives from the Scottish Government

Update - 7th April

Today we share some advice and support for businesses which might be suffering as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak and the resultant lockdown, which has now been in place for over a month.

We understand that this may have caused an immeasurable personal and economic impact, and we understand that some of our customers are struggling to meet their financial obligations.

Given the uncertainty facing the UK economy, we want you to know that Bestway is here to help. We have pulled together some useful links for various Government-funded free-of-cost cash grants immediately available which you can explore to support your business. We know that some of our customers have already taken advantage of these schemes and are successfully navigating through these challenging times. You may, therefore, find it useful to explore these readily available free resources.

Government Support
•    Please click here to access the various support initiatives from the UK Government
•    Retail, hospitality, and leisure businesses in England, irrespective of their rateable value do not need to pay business rates for the 2020 to 2021 tax year. Click here to find out more.  
•    Retail, leisure and hospitality businesses which have a rateable value between £15,000 to £51,000 will receive a one-off cash grant of up to £25,000. Click here to find out more.
•    For advice from the Pet Industry Federation, click here.
•    Please click here to access the support initiatives from the Scottish Government

The below points are also useful to know:
•    Businesses which pay little or no business rates because they receive small business rate relief or rural rate relief will be entitled to a one-off cash grant of £10,000.
•    The Government has created the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme which allows (primarily small and medium-sized) businesses to borrow up to £5million; available on repayment terms of up to six years.
•    The government has confirmed that they will defer Valued Added Tax (VAT) payments for three months. For VAT, the deferral will apply from 20 March 2020 until 30 June 2020.
•    Businesses MUST still submit their VAT returns on the specified dates. HMRC are working to simplify this process.
•    HMRC has also set up a dedicated helpline to help businesses and self-employed individuals in financial distress and with outstanding tax liabilities receive support with their tax affairs.
•    The Government has announced that a measure in the Coronavirus Bill will mean that businesses cannot be evicted from their premises if they miss a rent payment in the next three months.

Our Bestway Wholesale Customer Contact Centre is also available to help and support all customers from 8:00 am – 5.00 pm, Monday – Friday. You can speak to a member of the team by calling 01738 646666.

Update - 26th March

As this coronavirus outbreak continues to put pressure on the retail industry and cause disruption to many lives, we have taken further steps to protect the welfare of our customers and colleagues.

As your wholesaler, Bestway is here to support you and we have teams working around the clock to ensure the optimum availability, service and communication with you as best we can. We were confident in the government’s decision to recognise those involved in food distribution, sale and delivery as ‘Key Workers’ at the end of last week, and with this in mind we ask that you please continue to follow government guidelines and do everything you can to support efforts to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, both whilst operating your businesses and whilst visiting our depots.

We are making changes to our operations in some of our depots and these changes may differ every day. We endeavour to keep you updated, but we ask you to please bear with us as we implement the following across our estate:

  • We will limit the number of customers able to come inside a depot at one time and in some depots, this may be as few as 10-30 customers at one time, to support with social distancing. This may mean that we operate one-in one-out in some depots
  • You should visit the depots on your own – only one customer to be permitted per membership
  • No guests will be allowed in on your membership for the foreseeable
  • No under 16’s will be allowed into any of our depots for the foreseeable
  • Depot times will be adjusted and reduced as required and where necessary we may close some depots on the weekend. Unfortunately, due to the fluidity of the situation, it may be that we aren’t able to send notices of individual closures, but we will provide details of the next nearest depot that is open
  • Please adhere to social distancing in depot. Where we have markers in place, you must not stand more than one person within a 2-metre space and where there are no markers, we ask you to ensure you keep a distance of at least 2-metres to all personnel at all times
  • In-bound deliveries will have priority entry into the goods-in area
  • Some customer deliveries may be drop-and-drive only and handballing will not be available, whilst we are maintaining social distancing

We thank you in advance for your understanding of these changes and for your support at this time. Please do also continue to adhere to all government guidelines – you may find some of these links useful:







Update - 19th March

For 44 years, Bestway has been at the heart of the community providing, food, drink, services and advice to businesses across the UK.

Never has this been truer than today, as our colleagues work to support you and your businesses and families whilst the COVID-19 situation is ongoing.

Bestway is closely following advice from the World Health Organisation and Government advice in England, Scotland and Wales with regards to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and is following the suggested actions with a view to limiting the impact to our customers’ businesses and to protecting the health of our colleagues, customers and suppliers.

We are doing everything we can to help our customers and our teams to stay healthy and safe, whether that’s through the products we sell or the services and support we provide.

Bestway is a family owned business and we hold more stock than most PLCs and smaller wholesalers. We have been working hard to ensure we have the right product available for everyone, our availability continues to be very strong and we have contingency teams and plans in place, reviewing stock levels daily to maintain the best service possible.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) clearly has the scope to be very disruptive to daily life, we are already seeing shoppers buying more tins, packets, frozen foods and long-life items. Bestway has a clear focus on the supplies of staple products ‘the community essentials’ for you, our customers, to enable you to continue to serve your local communities.

When it comes to our team, we’re keeping our colleagues updated with advice and information on how to stay safe, whether that’s at work or at home. Our teams in depots have access to hand washing facilities and sanitisers and we’re making sure our facilities are clean and hygienic, at all times.

We continue to monitor advice from the Government and will provide updates accordingly.

Thank you for choosing Bestway, your continued trust is valued and means a lot to us.

Dawood Pervez
Managing Director

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