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Billy + Margot® love dogs and are very passionate about ensuring their health, happiness and wellbeing. They  are committed to sourcing the finest ingredients, and ensuring all their dry, wet and chilled products are full of flavour, as well as complete and balanced sources of nutrition for dogs. All the products are also 100% grain-free.
When you buy a Billy + Margot® product, you can also be confident that it has been carefully conceived and designed by the highly experienced canine nutritionist, Marie Jones.

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Iced Treats
Billy + Margot® Iced Treats are made out of 100% real fruit and vegetables, the treats are also dairy and gluten free. Every bit of the tub is safe to be consumed; even the tub as the ink is vegetable based ink. Great for a treat or as a way of cooling a dog down through licking. Made in the UK.

Raw Meat with Superfood Blend
Complete and nutritionally balanced freshly frozen raw dog food recipes. They contain premium cuts of human-grade muscle meat, bone and raw offal mixed with the Billy + Margot® Superfood blend. No grains, fillers or additives, just 100% natural and fresh.

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