Bestpets Supplier of The Week

This week, the Bestpets supplier of the week is...

Burgess Logo

Although the panic buying of March seems to have subsided, the effort going on behind the scenes for suppliers and ourselves has showed no signs of relenting.

To help service our depots, and keep the shelves full, Burgess have stepped up to the mark. Improved comms, high service levels, and a willingness to support our business is the reason they are this weeks Bestpets Supplier of the Week.

With a large portfolio of products, across different animal types, it would be easy to take their eye off the ball, but Burgess have done a great job in supplying food for dogs, cat, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters & gerbils and as well as Chinchilla’s. Thank you Burgess for all your efforts!

Supplier of the Week w/c 6th July...

Mars logo

As consumers have switched channels, and changed shopping habits, Mars Pet were one of the first to identify the trend and start to show their support for the independent Pet trade.

Their hunger to support the nations pet owners has resulted in Bestpets having high levels of availability, ensuing retailers could stock their shelves and keep up with the increased demands.

Despite the challenges faced by merging the James Wellbeloved products into the Mars portfolio, this was a very well managed process with little impact on trading.

Throughout the last 14 weeks, the comprehensive promotion plan has helped drive footfall into stores, ensuring retailers could offer great deals during these unprecedented times. Thanks to everyone at Mars for their commitment, and congratulations on this week’s award.

Supplier of the Week w/c 29th June...

Naturediet logo

As a family owned business, it is sometimes easy to forget the hard work that goes on behind the scenes where unprecedented times such as these kick in.

Naturediet from day 1 have stepped up to the challenge, and made sure that as their dedicated route to market within wholesale, Bestpets had stock on shelf, and plenty of it to cater for the boom in sales that has taken place over the last 3 months.

Stock was delivered on time, and in full, and the with the drive to ensure their sustainable and eco message was prevalent at all times.

There has been some really fantastic collaborative work between the two parties to ensure all measures of success were achieved.

We are truly grateful for all their efforts and would like to award them the Bestpets Supplier of the Week as a sign of our appreciation.

Supplier of the Week w/c 22nd June...

Gilbertson Page logo

With brands such as Dr Johns, Arkwright and Gilpa, who have a very loyal following and significant volumes, it has been a pleasure to work alongside Gilbertson & Page throughout the last 13 weeks.

With such large quantities required for the Bestpets network, Gilbertson & Page have been very clear on communication,  the volumes available, delivery dates and production runs. To have produced the volumes of stock (often on extended shift patterns) and to deliver on time and in full is an exceptional achievement.

The effort & commitment to ensuring stock has been on shelf is the reason why Gilbertson & Page are this week’s Supplier of the Week.  Thank you from all at Bestpets and the retailers you have helped support.

Supplier of the Week w/c 15th June...

pet munchies logo

It seems that week on week, consumer shopping habits can fluctuate, and sales can rocket. In Pet Munchies, we have a supplier who has been quick to react, positive with their communication, and also have adapted a can do attitude.

Service levels have been excellent as certain product areas have spiked, and the speed in which we have been able to get stock into the depots has been fantastic.

As a sign of appreciate for their efforts, Pet Munchies are this week’s Supplier of the Week! Well done to all involved.

Supplier of the Week w/c 8th June...

Tolsa Logo

During the early stages of this pandemic, Tolsa faced significant challenges with a huge increase in demand for Cat litter.

Tolsa have faced their own difficulties this year due to restrictions within their own supply chain. However despite this, Tolsa have kept us up to date and have been on top of their deliveries to us, as much as possible. Recently they have hit 100% service level.

We are very grateful for their continued support.

Supplier of the Week w/c 1st June...

Nutriment Logo

As a relatively new supplier to Bestpets, Nutriment have had to endure a tough start to supplying wholesalers during a pandemic such as this.

However, they have risen to the challenge and exceeded expectations. With a category such as Frozen Foods booming in Bestpets, we have seen Nutriment conquer everything thrown at them. Stock has been provided in full, with speed and efficiency across the UK.

All requests have been taken in their stride, and they have gone out of their way to help service the Bestpets business.

It is great to see that Nutriment have had the passion and willingness to ensure we stay in stock and continue serving the Independent Pet trade.

Our thanks go out to all those involved at Nutriment.

Supplier of the Week w/c 25th May...

Grove Supplier of the Week

It has been incredibly pleasing to see that Grove, as our latest supplier of the week, have consistently managed to retain high levels of service, communication and promotion opportunities throughout these testing times.

No ask has been too much for them, allowing us to be flexible when customers have required support.

The positive response to offering promotions, to enable retailers to offer deals to support the nations pet owners & pets has been uplifting and well received.

Thank you, Grove Pet, for your continued and appreciated efforts!

Supplier of the Week w/c 18th May...

During this pandemic Fibrecycle have faced significant challenges with raw material supply coupled with a large increase in demand.

They have been excellent with their communication throughout, ensuring that by working together we could maximise the availability of both back-2-nature & BreederCelect brands to the independent pet retailers.

We are very greatful for their continued support.

Supplier of the Week w/c 11th May...

Supa Logo

During the recently challenging times, we have seen a consistently high availability from Supa Aquatics, who have adopted a flexible approach to allow us to get urgent stocks back into our depots.

We are aware they have rescheduled their picking to allow orders to be amended and helped to prioritise stock going to depots where it was needed the most.

At no point over the last 6 weeks has any request been too much or has there been any sign that they would not deliver on their promises. They have shown an unwavering willingness to support our business.

Thank you, Supa Aquatics, for your amazing support. We are truly grateful!

Supplier of the Week w/c 4th May...

Henry Bell logo

Henry Bell are a family owned business, who realise working closely with partners, is key to building relationships that last.

From the very start of COVID 19, and the resulting unprecedented demand, they have worked tirelessly to serve Bestpets, who in turn have been able to support independent pet stores.

They recognised the pressing need to ensure full availability of orders, and to deliver these on time, by adapting their operations to meet the demand from the very start.

This is just a small gesture of our appreciation for all their efforts.